Enhance Your Packaging with Print Finishing Embellishments

When you package your product, you want it to draw potential customers in and make an impression. Print finishing embellishments can do just that.

There are many ways you can use embellishments to enhance your packaging to add shine, texture, pattern or other three-dimensional effects. You can also combine different embellishments for a custom look that is truly original.

Embossing and Debossing
Embossing produces a raised image on a page using special types of dies and heat. Debossing does the same in reverse, rather than a raised image, the image is sunk in to the page. These effects can be used alone or combined with other embellishments for more of an impact. Consider using spot UV coating or foil with embossing or debossing to draw more attention to the textured image or logo. There are different ways to use embossing and debossing, including sculptured, multi-level and single-level.

Die Cutting
Die cutting creates unique cutouts that can highlight a letter or shape and use the substrate underneath for contrast. The dies that make these cutouts are custom made for your packaging to highlight your product.

Varnishes can coat the entire press sheet or just specific areas (spot UV). They protect the printing under the coating and add texture and contrast. Varnishes come in gloss, matte and soft touch, which has a velvety feel. The different varnishes can be used together to highlight specific focal areas of the packaging, like your product name or key features.

Spot UV Coating
Spot UV coating is a bonded and cured liquid that protects the printing on a sheet of paper. It can create a variety of effects, like gloss, matte and pearlescent finishes. It can also be added in different thicknesses creating a raised texture or pattern. The visual and tactile uses of UV coating invite your customer to touch and engage with your packaging, drawing them in.

Another type of textural finish is known as reticulation, which is created using a combination of spot UV and an overall varnish. The combination of effects produces a reaction that results in a tactile and visual pattern. This method can be used for an infinite variety of patterns and textures to make your packaging stand out from the crowd.

Foil can be applied to your packaging using hot or cold methods to apply a metallic effect. It produces a bright, reflective metallic finish that can be used to highlight a logo or image or create a pattern or outline. There are several different foil options to choose from, standard metallic like gold, silver or rose gold, colored metallic in shades like blue, green and red and the trendy holographic foil that changes colors depending on the angle its viewed from.

Glitter Coating
Glitter coatings are produced by adding glitter particles to gloss spot UV coating. They can be made in a wide variety of colors, and by using different base and glitter colors you can create a variety of looks. Glitter coatings are best used to highlight and draw attention to details on your packaging. Using it against a light-colored background amplifies its effect.

Metallic Sheen
If you’re looking for an allover metallic finish, that’s possible too, using a metallic sheen coating. Metallic sheen coating is available in traditional metallics as well as with colors for customized packaging for your product.

Pearlescent Coating
Similar to metallic sheen, pearlescent coating produces a shimmering, reflective effect. Less dramatic than glitter, it adds texture to your packaging in a way that is subtle and lush. You can use pearlescent coatings with a variety of colors to craft the right look for your packaging.

Grit and Sandpaper Finishes
Grit and sandpaper coatings present tactile interest on packaging. Grit coating is coarser and sandpaper is only slightly rough and is less coarse than actual sandpaper. The amount of texture applied can be carefully controlled in application so you can get the effect you want.

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