Use Custom Die-Cuts to Create a Unique, Interactive Design

Die-cutting can be used in a variety of ways to add visual interest to your design. It creates depth, stimulates curiosity and provides a tactile experience for your audience.

Die-cutting is the removal of material to create a cut out or window and can reveal another layer of material underneath. The removed shapes are created by customized dies and create truly unique design.

Here are some of the advantages of custom die-cutting:

Customized and Unique

Dies can be formed to create shapes and patterns that are unique to your design. You could use die-cuts that decrease in size in contrasting or rainbow substrates to add visual interest, texture and organization to your design. Or use die-cuts to create custom tabs in a multipage document to indicate the next page or section of material. Die-cuts can create a window through your piece or a series of overlays on an illustration, diagram or chart.

Creates Emphasis

One of the more straightforward ways to use die-cuts is to highlight an image or part of the design. You can use cut outs to reveal your logo, message or tagline, or an image. Using contrasting colors or textures for the different layers can add extra emphasis. You can also create suspense by revealing only part of your underlying image or shape at a time, showing more with the turn of every page.

Interactive and Memorable

The very nature of die-cuts creates an interactive experience. Each layer can be peeled back to reveal a different layer underneath. This creates an engaging and memorable experience for your audience. There is a possibility for surprise with every layer. You can also create die-cuts in folders or pockets where pulling material out creates an interactive, dynamic experience.

Adds Another Dimension

Think beyond the flat page and use cuts that can be bent and shaped to create three-dimensional shapes and objects. Consider using a paper cut out of your product that your customer can put together and leave on their desk as a reminder of your brand.

This creates an entertaining and memorable experience. Or make an advent style calendar that can be opened to display a new message every day or a different way to use a product each day.

Can Be Used Alone or with Other Embellishments

Depending on your design, you may choose to use die-cuts in place of embossing or debossing. The additional contrast possible with die-cuts can make more of an impact. Or, you could combine die-cuts with other embellishments like foil stamping, embossing and debossing for added depth, use brightly colored inks and papers, or use varnishes and spot UV for texture and patterns for a unique, eye-catching piece.

Embossing Plus is proud to have the staff and equipment to produce the custom die-cutting you’re looking for. We do this work in-house, including a steel rule die shop, large format laser cutting, and die-cut prototyping. Set up a custom consultation with our experienced staff to find the best custom die-cutting option for your needs.

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