Finishing on Demand with Multiple Embellishments In A Single Pass

Your business expects high quality print finishing, our JETvarnish 3D Evolution (EVO) press can create the effects you’re looking for with lightning speed.

Whether you want embossing, foil stamping, spot UV coating or other print finishes, the EVO can handle it all in a single pass and do it at a rate of 3,000 B2 sheets per hour!

Fewer Passes for More Accuracy

Using the EVO, we can create high-quality print finishing in minutes. Traditionally, different types of print finishing required passing a single sheet through different presses to apply each effect. With the EVO, one machine does all of your print finishing embellishments, so there’s less room for error.

By applying all of the desired embellishments in a single pass, the EVO creates visually stunning work that’s more accurate than traditional print finishing methods.

How does the EVO do it?

The answer is digital. With the EVO, the entire print setup is digital. Everything you want can be done on the screen and is available for your review instead of waiting for a printed proof. By streamlining the approval process, you’ll get your print job faster, so you can get it in front of your customers.

And, since it’s entirely digital, it doesn’t require screens for UV coating, custom dies for the foil or the embossing molds of traditional finishing presses. The fast, digital setup saves time and reduces costs.
Make Changes Instantly

If you want to make changes to your project, you can make them on the screen instantly, and the EVO is ready to go, no additional set up required. You can start printing your updated file right away instead paying for time consuming molding and die changes.

Embossing Plus is the first finishing service provider in the country to own a JETvarnish 3D Evolution, making us the first finishing service provider in the industry to be able to offer high quality finishing on demand with lightning-fast turnaround.

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